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At the January 2015 Convention in Philadelphia, the NSCAA Foundation Committee announced the establishment of four new named endowment funds, bringing the total to fifteen. It requires a minimum of $25,000 to establish a named endowment fund. Many former players, family members, colleagues and friends contributed to these funds. The four new named endowment funds this year are:

Cliff McCrath Fund

Ron McEachen Fund

Bob Seddon Fund

Hank Steinbrecher Fund

**The NSCAA Foundation Committee awarded nine grants and five scholarships for 2013. To read more about them visit the links below.

The 2013 grant recipients CLICK HERE

The 2013 scholarship recipients CLICK HERE

About the NSCAA Foundation

In 1989, the NSCAA established the NSCAA Foundation Committee. “The NSCAA Foundation’s mission is to provide soccer coaching educational opportunities to underserved socioeconomic communities, geographic areas, and ethnic groups throughout the United States.”

The Foundation firmly believes in the broader societal benefits of soccer as a recreational activity, an avenue for health and fitness, a means of building leadership skills, and a competitive sport. We believe we can provide these benefits through soccer coaching education.

The Foundation’s primary program activity is direct financial support through grants and through scholarships to coaching education programs.

NSCAA Foundation

NSCAA Foundation History

At the NSCAA Convention in 1989, then-president Bill Holleman put forth an idea to establish a foundation that would enhance the work of the NSCAA and provide resources for soccer coaches and soccer programs throughout the United States. His vision was to create a foundation that supports the mission of the NSCAA and promotes the ideals of the many outstanding NSCAA members, both past and present, who have given so much to the Association and the great game of soccer.

NSCAA Foundation

NSCAA Foundation Committee Established

At the 2003 Convention in Kansas City, the NSCAA Foundation Committee was reinvigorated through an initiative to create an endowment. Building on the dedicated efforts of past committee members Ray Bernabei, Ronald Broadbent, Whitey Burnham, Miller Bugliari, Ray Cieplik, Jay Engeln, Bill Holleman, Robert Nye and Karen Stanley, the NSCAA Foundation Committee reviewed past history, developed a mission statement, outlined areas of focus for the Foundation and established a timeline for next steps relative to Foundation activities.

The Cornerstone Partners Program was created. The Cornerstone Partners was a fundraising initiative with a goal of building an endowment that will support the NSCAA Foundation’s mission.

Our ultimate hope is to have 100 percent participation of the NSCAA membership. As Henry Ford so aptly stated: “Vision without funding is just a hallucination.” With your financial assistance, we now have the opportunity to see the vision come to fruition.

NSCAA Foundation Areas of Focus

The NSCAA Foundation Committee has identified four major areas of emphasis for the Foundation to concentrate its efforts. The Foundation will:

  • Facilitate opportunities for soccer coaches to attend NSCAA courses. The goal is to provide scholarships for coaches to participate in academies, symposiums and the NSCAA Convention.
  • Stimulate the development of soccer coaching education environments. The goal is to take NSCAA courses to underserved and socioeconomic areas.
  • Preserve the heritage of the NSCAA. The goal is to support the NSCAA Hall of Fame, the compilation of archives and, indirectly, support for the awards program.
  • Enhance the development and delivery of soccer coaching education materials to coaching constituencies. The goal is to support projects such as the on-line work of the NSCAA, translation of NSCAA materials into several languages and relating to groups such as the Latin American Soccer Coaches Committee and the Black Soccer Coaches Committee.


Jared Hedglin
Director of Advancement, NSCAA Foundation
Cell: (917) 710-2587
Email: jhedglin@nscaa.com


NSCAA Foundation