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About Rankings

The NSCAA College Rankings are an indicator of week-to-week status of qualified programs and in no way should be used as a guide or indicator of eligibility for championship selection.

College Rankings

To be eligible for consideration in NSCAA College Rankings, a school must be a member of NSCAA’s College Services program. To find out if your school is a current NSCAA College Services member, follow this link to the current membership list.

Associations and Divisions eligible for College Rankings are:

  • NCAA Division I Men and Women
  • NCAA Division II Men and Women
  • NCAA Division III Men and Women
  • NAIA Men and Women
  • NCCAA Division I and II Men and Women
  • Junior College Division I and III Men and Women


The NSCAA separates the country into regions based on the regions set forth by the NCAA or other governing bodies. These regions may consist of one state or several states. The Regional Chair relies on coaches in his or her region to report scores to them. The Chair also can refer to the College Soccer Scoreboard for the latest results from top schools in his or her region. The Regional Chairs then take those results into a regional conference call to determine a top 10 listing. Only coaches vote on the poll, both regionally and nationally. The national polls are determined through a conference call as well.

The NCAA Men's Division I regions underwent realignment for the 2006 season based upon changes recommended by the NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Committee. These changes are based upon the shifting landscape of conference alignment, which, in many cases took effect in 2005-06 and will continue in the future. Due to the geographical distances of some conferences, this was not always feasible. For the most part, conferences are assigned intact to a particular region. Out of 23 NCAA Division I conferences, 20 are kept intact within a specified region. Only the Atlantic Coast Conference (included in two separate regions), Big East Conference (two regions) and Conference USA (two regions) were not kept intact. 

The overriding philosophy the committee utilized was that if a majority of a team's overall number of games are played within the conference, then all conference members would continue to be assigned geographically, meaning they are playing the majority of their games in that region, which could be a combination of conference and non-conference games. The purpose of realignment is for evaluation only.

There is not a minimum or maximum number of teams that will be selected from each region for the Division I Men's Soccer Championship. Once the conference automatic qualifiers have been determined, the remainder of the 48-team championship field is selected according to established criteria without regard to conference or regional affiliation.

High School Rankings

The NSCAA provides both National and Regional High School Rankings for boys and girls in the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. 

If you are a current coach of a boys’ or girls’ high school team and can provide accurate information on the strength of teams in your area, region or state, please send an e-mail to feedback@nscaa.com.

In order to ensure that your message is passed on to the correct regional representative, you must specify whether you are referring to a boys' or girls' team, and include the city and state in which the school is located.  You may also use the address to nominate teams for inclusion in the rankings.  Please be specific when supplying information.  The more information you provide, the better the committee will be able to evaluate your team.

View the current list of High School Rankings Committee members.

High School Records

High School records will be uploaded to the site soon.