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Coaches Have Their Choice of Summer Residential Courses at Bloomsburg

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Summer 2016 marks the 11th straight year that the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) has offered its summer residential courses at Bloomsburg University (Pa.). It is also the only site on this year's schedule to offer three options: the National, Advanced National, and Premier Diplomas.

Coaches planning to take a course at Bloomsburg are encouraged to register before June 11, 2016, to avoid the $200 price increase. What follows is additional information about what candidates can expect in July.

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About Bloomsburg University
Bloomsburg University is a comprehensive public university located in Pennsylvania. Originally constructed in 2006, the Steph Pettit Stadium is home to the Huskies field hockey, men's and women's soccer, and women's lacrosse teams, and will be where the NSCAA course field sessions will take place. Additionally, local high school teams and university club teams also utilize the field. 

The NSCAA National Diploma

The National Diploma is a 45-hour course designed to meet the needs of the more experienced coach, particularly those coaching at the high school level and higher, or youth coaches with previous certification and a number of years working with the developing player. The overall objective is to acquaint the coach with the needs of the soccer player and provide an organized and progressive methodology of coaching those needs. Basic technical and tactical knowledge is the central theme of the course in a 7v7 model.

Candidates receive a curriculum that outlines the course content and includes valuable resource material. It is recommended that candidates have already earned the NSCAA Level 6 Diploma or a USSF "E" license before registering for a National Diploma course.

07/11/2016 07/17/2016 National Diploma Bloomsburg REGISTER DETAIL

The NSCAA Advanced National Diploma

The Advanced National Diploma course is a 45-hour course that emphasizes training those players within a team concept designed to produce a successful environment. The 9v9 model is the main focus. The curriculum includes team organization and training, advanced methodology, analysis and understanding systems of play, a focus on tactics within thirds of the field, technical position overviews, match analysis and the psychological aspect of coaching.

Testing includes oral, written and practical (coaching) evaluations. Acceptance into this course requires an NSCAA National Diploma, the US Soccer National "D" or "C" License, a Canadian National "B" License, or a UEFA "Level 2" Certificate.

07/11/2016 07/17/2016 Advanced National Diploma Bloomsburg REGISTER DETAIL

The NSCAA Premier Diploma

The Premier Diploma is the top of the residential academy offerings and Bloomsburg is one of only three sites where this course will be held. It is a 45-hour course designed to teach advanced methodology with full-sided soccer (11v11) as its focal point. Coaches are provided a course curriculum. The course content includes a thorough examination of different systems of play, including: technical and tactical implications; 11v11 topics, including coaching in the game, phase play and shadow play; sportsmanship/ethics; and a leadership component including team management, personal development and the coach's role in game development in his/her community.

Candidates will be accepted into the course (subject to available space) if they hold an NSCAA Advanced National Diploma with a grade of Pass or above. Candidates will also be accepted if they hold a US Soccer “B” or "A" License or a UEFA “B” License.

Additionally, candidates with awards other than those identified above may seek admission into the Premier Diploma by submitting a letter of request and soccer playing and coaching CV to the NSCAA Director of Coaching Education.

07/11/2016 07/17/2016 Premier Diploma Bloomsburg REGISTER DETAIL

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