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NSCAA Foundation Scholarship Recipient Transformed by Premier Diploma Experience

Posted on Mar 10, 2016 in Membership 0 Comments

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The NSCAA Foundation's mission is to provide soccer coaching education opportunities to underserved socioeconomic communities, geographic areas, and ethnic groups throughout the United States. The Foundation believes in the broader societal benefits of soccer as a recreational activity, an avenue for health and fitness, a means of building leadership skills, and a competitive sport.

The following testimonial is from Tawanda Kaseke, from Lakeland, Fla., who received a scholarship from the NSCAA Foundation's General Endowment.

During the first week of 2016, I was honored to attend the National Soccer Coaches Association of America residential Premier Diploma course. This opportunity was made possible for me by the NSCAA Foundation through their charitable foundation scholarships. Having attended several NSCAA courses before, I knew I was in for a career and life-changing experience.

From the moment I arrived on site for the course, the energy and excitement was evident, as there were candidates for more than one course.  Each coach looked eager to learn and was planning to walk out of the course a better professional than they were.  An expectation the NSCAA satisfied for me and my colleagues by the end of the week. The week was a success because of the environment cultivated by the NSCAA way of sharing knowledge. A model of sharing that does not separate between instructor and student, but promotes an exchange of information, ideas and experiences, up and down the knowledge gradient.  The instructors are very knowledgeable and were willing to share the information and their experiences.

By the end of the week, I had learned so much, shared so much, and grown so much as a person and a coach. It is amazing how such a week of continual education can transform a professional. I walked away from the course reenergized and ready to share all that I have learned with my community and players.  

Upon returning to my community I immediately went to sharing the wealth of knowledge with all my players and coaches. The knowledge gained helped elevate our players and coaches towards the later part of the season. The tactical information and experiences from the course have allowed me to help the players and coaches thrive to reach their goals. This knowledge is invaluable as I continue working with players from the ages of five to the professional level in my community. Having the expertise to help elevate the players and teams in our community is a great benefit to all in our community and beyond. Having the experience allowed me to work with and partner with two very accomplished professionals, such as Jamaica National Team goalkeeper Ryan Thompson, and New York Cosmos forward Lucky Mkosana to work with the local players during the first part of 2016. This was agreat experience for the youths and community alike.  

As I continue to grow as a coach I intend to continue giving back to my community through football. It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to study with the NSCAA, and I look forward to enrolling in the Master Coach program next and giving back to all the girls and boys in our community. As we say in my native country of Zimbabwe, Ndinotenda, Ngiyabonga, thank you to the foundation for the life changing opportunity.

Tawanda Kaseke (Coach TeeKay)

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