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Why Should You Be a Member of the NSCAA?

There are many reasons to be a part of a professional organization…

  • Membership in a professional organization is an investment in your professional credibility.
  • It’s an investment in personal development, and growth.
  • Membership is a way to stay connected to fellow coaches who are going somewhere, and don’t mind sharing knowledge on the journey.

As a professional in your chosen field, you need to keep informed as to what is happening in all areas of soccer coaching.

Educationally, you need to keep current with all developments in the scope of your work. Learning new models and methods never stops!

As a professional association, NSCAA works hard to help you succeed. You receive tools (including a high-quality member website, the Online Resource Library, and the "Soccer Journal") and training opportunities through NSCAA Coaching Academies to help you grow. We offer support as you meet professional challenges, and opportunities to develop your skills so that you can create the kind of career you really want.

But really, what’s the main reason to join?

Membership can help you succeed.

No matter what kind of coach you are or what type of coach you want to be, you need to belong to a strong professional organization. There are tangible member benefits such as NSCAA.com and your personalized myNSCAA, free access to basic educational resources, discounts on courses and events, among others. Additionally, the NSCAA offers a full-time national office staff, volunteer committees and others involved in the game to provide support for your career development.

We provide many in-person opportunities for networking and interaction with your fellow professionals. Whether it's working together on a committee, attending courses, workshops or the annual Convention, you can make many connections that can lead to increased knowledge or a better position.

Help Your Association Grow

The growth of the NSCAA, YOUR professional association, benefits you and everyone involved in the game. A larger NSCAA results in more networking opportunities for you, a stronger advocacy voice in the greater soccer community, and diverse opinions and resources. As a non-profit organization, every dollar spent with the NSCAA goes back to improving the services and products we provide for you.

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