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College Coaches

Welcome to the NSCAA College Coaches page. Here, you will find resources and information on member benefits specifically geared towards the college game. NSCAA offers many ways for coaches to build their programs and give their players the best experience possible through college-specific education, individual and team recognition and more.

There are two different types of college memberships with distinctly different benefits. The College Services membership is a membership program that is assigned to the institution, not to the coach, and is offered to all universities and colleges. In order to be eligible for certain Awards and Rankings, institutions must be enrolled in College Services. NSCAA also offers distinct benefits and education opportunities through the standard individual membership.

College Services and Standard Membership Comparison

College Services Membership

As a member of College Services, institutions have access to a broad range of benefits including legislative services and eligibility for awards and recognitions, to name a few.

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College Coach Individual Membership

The college coach can find an array of items to advance his or her career, such as college-specific coaching courses, the Online Resource Library, networking opportunities with other coaches and more.

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Awards and Rankings

The NSCAA administers an extensive awards and recognition program designed to recognize excellence in soccer, academics and service to the game. Coaches and players are recognized across both genders and all divisions.

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Eligible Institutions

In order to be eligible for certain Awards and Rankings, your istitution must enroll in College Services. Click below to see a list of institutions that are currently enrolled and are therefore eligible for NSCAA Awards and Rankings

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NSCAA Postseason Awards Alignment

[+] Division I Men's Soccer

[+] Division I Women's Soccer

[+] Division II Men's Soccer

[+] Division II Women's Soccer

[+] Division III Men's Soccer

[+] Division III Women's Soccer

College Representatives to the NSCAA Membership Groups

Women's College Membership Group Representative
Aliceann Wilber, William Smith College, Geneva, NY

Men's College Membership Group Representative
Carlo Acquista, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY