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About Membership in the NSCAA

When you join the NSCAA, you join a community of coaches, administrators, parents, fans and friends who live and breath the beautiful game just like you do. You join a network of individuals who share many of the same issues, concerns and questions as you.  Members say time and time again that the number one thing they love about the NSCAA is the collegiality.  

If you're looking to further your coaching knowledge and become the best soccer coach you can be, we offer countless coaching courses for every level of expertise and involvement of the game.  If you'd like to organize a technical session about passing or a tactical session about a flat back four, we've got the resources and personnel to help make that happen.  If you're managing parents, recruiting student-athletes, or helping your players make decisions on or off the field, your fellow members have been there too and can offer considered advice.

Membership is open to anyone who meets the requirements and qualifications set forth in the organization's bylaws, and you can read more about the NSCAA leadership structure here. For more information, contact the NSCAA National Office at 816-471-1941 or email Dan Cooper, Member Services Coordinator, at dcooper@nscaa.com.

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Member Benefits

From discounts on soccer products, publications and coaching apparel to $1 million in general liability insurance, we're consistently seeking new and unique benefits to enhance your game both on and off the pitch. A listing of current benefits that are available to NSCAA members includes:

  • Soccer Journal magazine
  • Insurance 
  • Discounts
  • Participation in the Awards and Rankings Programs
  • Partner Programs
  • NSCAA Licensed Apparel
  • Additional Discounts and Opportunities

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Incentive Programs

We believe our best ambassadors are our current members. From time to time the NSCAA conducts membership drives and special contests to enable you to win prizes and discounts for bringing coaching colleagues into the NSCAA family. A special anniversary program offers gift certificates to members who reach important membership milestones. It's our way of saying thank you for being a member.

Giving Back to the Game

The NSCAA family believes it is important to give back to the sport that has been so enjoyable and rewarding to coaches. That's why we make annual contributions to important charitable organizations through the NSCAA Foundation. These donations help the less fortunate enjoy the world's greatest game.

You can support this effort by making a contribution when you sign up or renew your membership. The NSCAA donates $1 of every fully paying member's annual dues to the NSCAA Foundation, which is dedicated to providing a legacy for the organization.

Refund Policy

If an individual member in the National Soccer Coaches Association of America requests a refund for his/her fees, such a request must be made in writing to the NSCAA. Visit our Refund Policy page for more information.