Scholarships and Opportunities


Each year the NSCAA Foundation awards scholarships to individuals by providing financial assistance for NSCAA Coaching Academy advanced diploma courses.

These scholarships are made possible through the generosity of many donors. Find out by visiting the NSCAA Foundation webpage.

College Credit

As a participant in NSCAA Coaching Education courses, you are eligible to apply for graduate (500 level) college credit through the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.  

Click here to learn more about earning College Credit.

Continuing Education Units

The NSCAA is pleased to offer the option of credit in the form of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), awarded by the United States Sports Academy, to coaches who have completed the following courses:

  • National Diploma
  • Advanced National Diploma
  • Premier Diploma

Click here to learn more about earning CEUs.

GI Bill Eligibility

The NSCAA has worked with the Veterans Administration to gain approval for its National, Advanced National and Premier Diploma courses for veterans education purposes. This means that eligible veterans can be reimbursed under the G.I. Bill for registration fees to take these residential courses.  

Click here to learn more about GI Bill eligibility.

Professional Development Certificate

Certain approved educational symposiums (state AGM's, scholastic, collegiate or club sponsored) may receive endorsement as a distinguished educational event.  These events are designated as NSCAA Professional Development Certificate events. Learn more about the NSCAA Professional Development Certificate.