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Soccer Journal is the official publication of the NSCAA and is one of the few magazines in the world produced exclusively for soccer coaches. Each issue contains technical and tactical articles, news and updates on important events, thoughts from opinion leaders in the sport and features on the interesting people and issues of the game. Soccer Journal is a benefit of membership in the NSCAA and delivered seven times per year to all member coaches.

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NSCAA offers members multiple ways to read Soccer Journal. With the exception of those who opt out, all members will receive a printed copy of the magazine via the U.S. Postal Service. In addition, members can view the digital version from a computer or view the iPad/iPhone/Tablet version by logging into their myNSCAA account and visiting the digital edition of "Soccer Journal" home. Each online issue of Soccer Journal is an exact digital copy of the print edition, with exciting added features that allow you to click on underlined areas to send an email or visit a website.

In our effort to be environmentally responsible, we offer members the opportunity to opt out of receiving the printed version of the magazine. To opt out of and only receive the digital version, please contact info@nscaa.com.


The magazine serves as a forum for anything soccer and accepts articles in the following soccer-related categories: player development, youth soccer, soccer research, coaching, fitness, goalkeeping, soccer history, international soccer, match analysis, interviews, sport psychology, soccer tactics and soccer techniques. And, yes, we even accept articles about referees! Please remember: 

Articles submitted to Soccer Journal must not be submitted to other publications simultaneously.

  • Articles may not be selected for publication. In that event, the author will be informed.
  • Articles with practical implications for coaching are given priority.
  • Article acceptance is based on originality of topic, significance to the soccer coaching profession, validity and adherence to the prescribed submission requirements as listed below. 

Articles may be submitted via email to jamartin@owu.edu. Articles should be double spaced and be presented in Microsoft Word if possible. Please label the submission with the title and name(s) of the author(s). Hard copies can be sent to Jay Martin, Edwards Gym, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio 43015. 

Manuscript length should be tied to the scope of the article. Generally limiting articles between five and ten pages is best. If the article is accepted and is too long, it may be presented in two issues. Simple, straightforward, concise, logical and clear writing is best. Focus the article, use examples, capture readers’ interest and stimulate their thinking. Photographs and illustrations are welcome. Please know that illustrations will be rendered to meet Soccer Journal style guidelines. Please identify the photographer on the back of any picture. If you are a new contributor, please send a “headshot” in black and white and a short bio to be used at the end of the article. 

The editor reviews all articles for appropriateness of topic and acceptable writing style conformance. The article may then be sent to members of the editorial board for review, guidance and acceptance. After the article is accepted, it will be printed in the earliest appropriate and available issue. Some recent issues have been topic-oriented; therefore, a certain article may be retained for a topic-oriented issue in the future. Inquiries may be sent to the editor.


Soccer Journal is recognized as one of the leading soccer coaching magazines worldwide. Published seven times a year and distributed directly to all NSCAA members, it provides a unique opportunity to connect with all levels of soccer coaches. Advertisement possibilities range from ¼ page black and white ads to full color center spreads, with the option to run an ad once, four times, or in every issue each year. The Soccer Journal provides up to 240,000 impressions a year. Find out more in the Media Kit.


Photographs appearing in Soccer Journal remain the copyrighted property of the photographer and cannot be sold or distributed to individuals by NSCAA staff. Individuals interested in securing reprints of images that appear in Soccer Journal should contact the photographer directly. Some photographers make their images available for redistribution. Others do not. There may be a fee involved in securing a reprint.

Copyright Notice

Reproduction of any content within Soccer Journal without the written consent of NSCAA and the writer, photographer or artist is prohibited.