Coaching Fundamentals

This series, Coaching Fundamentals, is designed to introduce volunteer and youth coaches to the basics of coaching soccer.

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Section 1: Laws of the Game

Knowledge of the laws of the game is the responsibility of every coach, but the coach also needs to understand the intent of the Laws of the Game.

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Section 2: Managing a Coaching Session

Managing a coaching session addresses the coach's role in the game of soccer. 

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Section 3: Dribbling

There are six basic skills, or techniques, of soccer. Different skills are emphasized at different stages of a player’s development. This section is about dribbling.

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Section 4: Basic Skills - Receiving, Passing and Shooting

If players can't pass and catch the ball in basketball, they can't play the game. If they can't pass and receive the ball in soccer, they will not be successful. These important skills - receiving, passing and shooting - are featured in this section.

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Section 5: Basic Skills - Heading and Tackling

Coaches must exercise caution in practicing heading and tackling skills. Faulty techniques taught at a young age can lead to bad habits and perhaps even injury. It is recommended that the coach has significant knowledge of the techniques and how to practice them before undertaking teaching them to young players.

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Section 6: Introduction to Soccer Tactics - 1 v 1

Thus far we have been looking at how players acquire the mechanical and physical skills to play the game. This is called technical training. We now move to an introduction to soccer tactics - the 1 v 1 - where the player must make decisions about what to do with the ball, sometimes before receiving it. 

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Section 7: A Dynamic Teaching Model - 5 v 5

The 5 v 5 format simplifies the environment for these young players and gives them the opportunity to get plenty of touches on the ball.  

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