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Positive Coaching Alliance Online Courses

NSCAA and Positive Coaching Alliance have partnered to bring NSCAA members and NSCAA Member Clubs a discount on PCA Online Courses. Log into your myNSCAA account to view the discount codes and instructions.

Course descriptions and links to access the courses online can be found below.


These highly interactive courses are loaded with video from top athletes and coaches, such as Phil Jackson, Dusty Baker and Julie Foudy, who support  PCA because they know that Positive Coaching gets the best out of athletes  in sports and in life.

The course provides specific tips and techniques from leading researchers in sports and educational psychology.

Upon completion  of the respective course, coaches will be certified Double-Goal Coaches, equipped to both win and teach life lessons through sports.

Course options:

  • Double-Goal Coach® I: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons (DGCI) - Introduces PCA’s Double-Goal Coach model and presents research from experts in coach- ing, education and sports psychology. A Double-Goal Coach has two goals: to win, and more importantly, to teach life lessons through sports.

  • High School Double-Goal Coach: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors (DEV-TIC) Designed especially for coaches who are determined to help athletes make the journey from sports “participant” to “Triple-Impact Competitor.” Over a dozen specific exercises for coaches to help student-athletes improve themselves, their teammates and the game. Introduces principles Honoring the Game, Redefining Winner and Filling the Emotional Tank, with tools and resources for coaches to improve their student-athletes on and off the field.

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The Second-Goal Parent® online course is a highly interactive course that includes videos from championship coaches Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers, Olympian Summer Sanders and others.

It is for parents who want to help their children get the most from the youth sports experience.

The course provides interactive tips and techniques for parents  to use in talking with their children on game day, developing a productive parent-coach relationship and becoming effective and positive supporters on the sidelines.

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The Triple-Impact Competitor® online course is a highly interactive course that includes videos from Doc Rivers, Julie Foudy, Shane Battier and other top athletes and coaches.

The athlete will be equipped with tips from the latest sports psychology research and specific tools to immediately improve your game and the impact you have on your team.

The course will teach athletes how to deal with high-pressure game situations, motivate your teammates to give their best effort, and carry yourself in a way that respects others and earns respect  for you.

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The Honoring the Game: The Official’s Role in Creating a Positive Youth Sports Culture online course introduces  PCA’s three main principles behind creating a positive youth sports culture for officials: Mastery; Never Too High, Never Too Low; and Honoring the Game.

The official will receive powerful tools to assist with different officiating scenarios.

The Officials Online Course is based on the latest research from sports psychology and reflects the “best practices” of elite officials across the country, including Barry Mano, president of the National Association of Sports Officials.

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Double-Goal Coach I:  Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons:  

- "The best part of this course is that it is a tangible way to explain and train new and old coaches in best practices. Some of these lessons can take a coach decades to learn on their own."

- "I thought it was an outstanding course.  There were plenty of famous coaches who had moments that they were willing to share with us.  It is good to see such famous/successful coaches focus on not only the winning, but also the life lessons, as well. I really liked the ROOTS explanation for sportsmanship.  I had never seen that before, but it makes total sense and will be easy to explain to my athletes."

- "Two things impressed me: (1) Very visual with good examples and great speakers, (2) The content applies to everything in life:  school; friendships; etc."

Double-Goal Coach:  Developing Triple-Impact Competitors (for High School coaches):

- "It encouraged my philosophy of coaching and enhanced my approach to not only the game but to my players. I've really started to implement specific praise to my players as well as coming along side them to help them deal emotionally with situations on and off the field. The training re-affirmed several aspects that I think are important in coaching and team building."

- "It showed me how much of an impact you can make if you decide to make team culture in a positive direction instead of simply allowing all influences (including the normal negatives)"

Second-Goal Parent

- "While never coaching myself, I am a parent of three very sports oriented kids. The training gave me a clearer understanding of how to better support my kids on their sports teams."

- "It gave me the tools I need to push my child in a positive way, unlike the old school way of doing thing."

- "Although the PCA course teaches attitudes and behaviors I already hold, it impacted me by addressing a most sticky issue--negative behavior by other spectators. The course made clear that it is okay to tactfully address poor behavior displayed by other parents/spectators, and the course provided methods for doing so."


- "I like the idea of setting goals for each game.  Great concept."

- "Very good refresher!  Enjoyed the course."