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High School Coaching Education

The following courses are what the NSCAA recommends for coaches who teach players at the high school level. Depending on your education background and experience, you may enter at diff­erent stages of the suggested outline.

Course Description Time Commitment

NFHS/NSCAA Fundamentals of Coaching Soccer Online Course

This introductory course is perfect for high school and youth coaches who want to establish a solid foundation of coaching knowledge. The interactive course features an engaging interface that incorporates audio, video and text to teach essential soccer coaching techniques and methods.

Approx. 5 Hours

Level 6 Diploma

The course is devoted to technical and tactical uses of small-sided games, the study of systems of play and a practice teaching component. Participants are given an opportunity to conduct a training session on an assigned topic and are assessed by the course instructor.

21 Hours

High School Diploma

The High School Coaches Diploma deals with managerial issues and practice and game strategies specific to coaches of boys and girls high school teams. The course is designed to address the many issues and responsibilities unique to high school coaches in this country. The course curriculum examines the distinctive role high school coaches play in the personal development of young players.

21 Hours

National Diploma

The overall objective of the National Diploma is to acquaint the coach with the needs of the American soccer player and provide an organized and progressive methodology of coaching those needs. Basic technical and tactical knowledge is the central theme of the course in a 6 v. 6 model. The course includes sessions on the teaching process, psychological skills training and Laws of the Game.

50 hours instruction, 6 hours evaluation

Advanced National Diploma

The Advanced National Diploma emphasis is on training those players within a team concept designed to produce a successful environment. The 8 v. 8 model is the main focus. The curriculum includes team organization and training, advanced methodology, analysis and understanding systems of play, a focus on tactics within thirds of the field, technical position overviews, match analysis and the psychological aspect of coaching. 

50 hours instruction, 6 hours evaluation

Premier Diploma

The Premier Diploma is the pinnacle of the Residential Academy offerings. The course content includes a thorough examination of different systems of play, including: technical and tactical implications; 11 v. 11 topics, including coaching in the game, phase play and shadow play; nutrition; sportsmanship/ethics; and a leadership component including team management, personal development and the coach’s role in game development in his/her community. 

50 hours instruction, 6 hours evaluation

Goalkeeping Level 2 Diploma

The overall objective of the Goalkeeping Level II Diploma is to create an optimal learning environment for this specialized position.  The 12-hour course is geared towards the specialist goalkeeping coach and the team coach looking for in-depth information surrounding the coaching of goalkeepers. 

12 Hours

Goalkeeping Level 3 Diploma

The overall objective of the National Goalkeeping Diploma is to explore the tactical components of goalkeeping and the specifics of training and developing goalkeepers.  The emphasis of this eighteen-hour course is on the tactical role of the goalkeeper within the team framework. 

18 Hours


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See NSCAA.com/education for full course descriptions and pre-requisites.