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Premier Diploma

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The Premier Diploma is the pinnacle of the Residential Academy offerings. The course content includes a thorough examination of different systems of play, including: technical and tactical implications; 11 vs. 11 topics, including coaching in the game, phase play and shadow play; nutrition; sportsmanship/ethics; and a leadership component including team management, personal development and the coach’s role in game development in his/her community.

Time Commitment: 45 hours instruction, 6 hours evaluation
Testing: Yes

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Candidates will be accepted into the course (subject to available space) if they hold an NSCAA Advanced National Diploma with a grade of Pass or above. Candidates will also be accepted if they hold a US Soccer “B” License or a UEFA “B” License.

Candidates with awards other than those identified above may seek admission into the Premier Diploma by submitting a letter of request and soccer playing and coaching CV to the NSCAA Director of Coaching Education.