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Criteria for NSCAA Convention Media Credentials

Whether you're a traditional journalist, reputable blogger, television reporter or international publication, we welcome you at the NSCAA Convention

The NSCAA reviews all media credential applications and has the right to approve or reject submitted applications.

Criteria for NSCAA Convention Media Credentials

A “media agency” for purposes of these criteria shall mean a daily, weekly or monthly publication delivered in print or digital format, cable system, radio or television station and network requiring news coverage.

The NSCAA retains the right to revoke credentials at its discretion.

Credentials will be issued only to an authorized, full-time, salaried representative of the agency submitting the request, or a representative who regularly and customarily performs services for that agency. Credentials are not transferable. Credentials shall be assigned in accordance with the following policies.

Traditional Media

  • More than one representative per “media agency” may be authorized by the NSCAA at its own discretion.
  • The following agencies with working media will be granted credentials in accordance with the following priorities:
    • Media agencies in the geographic area of the Convention.
    • A representative of a national newspaper (e.g., circulation greater than 60,000).
    • The designated representative of a national television, cable system, radio network or a radio station that originates a daily “sports talk” program and daily circulation newspapers that to not otherwise meet the aforementioned criteria.
    • Representatives of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly soccer publications or magazines, AM/FM radio or public/commercial television stations.
    • A photographer from a media agency in the geographic area of the Convention.
    • An individual or crew designated by a national television network or cable system that originates daily sports news programs. A crew is defined as no more than four individuals, including one photographer.
    • A specialty publication that covers soccer and does not meet the criteria above may be eligible for one credential at the discretion of the NSCAA.

Online Media

  • An online entity may receive a credential if its full-time staff produces an overwhelming percentage of that site’s content.
  • Online “blog” sites requesting credentials must submit their homepage URL to the NSCAA for review prior to being issued credentials.

International Media

  • International media of a specialty publication that has a minimum circulation of one percent of the total population of the country.
  • The official publication of the country’s soccer organization.