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High School Coaches Community

Welcome to the NSCAA High School Coaches Community. This area has been established to serve as a resource to interscholastic soccer coaches. We hope you will bookmark this page and visit it often for information on programs and events that impact high school soccer.

The NSCAA is committed to providing the best in services and benefits to its members. We urge you to contact your High School Representatives on the NSCAA Board of Directors with thoughts, ideas and feedback.

High School Representatives to the NSCAA Board of Directors

Girls Representative
Kevin Sims
Email: simskm@yahoo.com

Kevin Sims, the athletics director and boys and girls varsity coach at Gaston Day School in Gastonia, N.C., was elected as Girls High School Representative to the NSCAA Board of Directors in January 2010. A 29-year NSCAA member, Sims has served the NSCAA in a variety of capacities, including currently as a member of the High School National Assistant Coach of the Year committee. Sims has served as national chairs of the High School Girls Winter and Spring Rankings and National High School Ethics committees. He also has served as a regional chair of the Girls All-America committee.

Boys Representative
Greg Mauch
Email: gmauch@canterburyschool.org

The head boys coach at Canterbury School in Fort Wayne, Ind., Greg Mauch was elected High School Boys Representative of the NSCAA in January 2008. He currently serves as national chair of the High School Assistant Coach of the Year committee. Mauch is a current member of the Robert W. Robinson High School Long-Term Service Award Committee and was a member of the local organizing committees for the 2001 and 2007 NSCAA Conventions in Indianapolis. He was the 1998 recipient of the NSCAA Private/Parochial National High School Coach of the Year, and was a Regional honoree in 1998 and 2001.

Statement on U.S. Soccer Development Academy 

The following statement from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) is in response to the U.S. Soccer Development Academy policy released last Friday on February 10, 2012.

In November 2011, the NSCAA released a statement in response to the U.S. Soccer Development Academy’s announcement regarding the transition of a third of its clubs to the 10-month schedule.

The National Soccer Coaches Association of America believes that the individual right of choice is fundamental to all. By extension, the NSCAA does not believe that it is appropriate for any soccer organization to eliminate choice as the price of participation. In particular, this applies to high school-age players, some of whom are being required to forego participation at one level to participate in another. While it may not always be practical, possible or the personal choice of a young athlete to participate in multiple levels, the NSCAA believes that all coaches should respect a player’s right to choose and support their players’ choices pertaining to personal and social development in addition to their development in the sport.

The U.S. Soccer Development Academy decision to expand to a 10-month season and accompanying mandate stating players must abandon high school soccer misses the goal.  The purported goal of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy is to produce players and teams capable of international glory. The goal of any youth coach is to invest in best practices to enhance the development of the whole child physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Each goal is valid and is to be applauded. The two goals are not mutually exclusive. Opportunities to play high school and club soccer should coexist while honoring the fundamental value of freedom of choice.

The NSCAA has had discussions with both U.S. Soccer and the National Federation of High Schools since this release and will continue to discuss policies pertaining to high school and club soccer with all appropriate organizations. For more information, please feel free to contact NSCAA High School Representatives to the Board of Directors, Kevin Sims simskm@yahoo.com) and/or Greg Mauch (gmauch@canterburyschool.org). 

Further Information and Articles:

High School Soccer and Development Academy Discussion Points

The following information from the NSCAA is to simply provide coaches, parents and players with information when making their choice and to encourage discussion on the topic. Read More Here.

Learn Online with the NSCAA and NFHS

The NSCAA and the National Federation of High School Associations have teamed up to create an online course titled the Fundamentals of Coaching Soccer. This introductory course is perfect for high school and youth coaches who want to establish a solid foundation for their coaching knowledge. The interactive course features an engaging interface that incorporates audio, video and text to teach essential soccer coaching techniques and methods.  

High School Awards

All high school awards are based on individual membership. Therefore, the coach of any member institution must be an NSCAA member in order for either the coach or the school to be recognized.  Learn on the High School Awards page

High School Rankings

The NSCAA provides both National and Regional High School Rankings for boys and girls in the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.  Learn more on the High School Rankings page.

State High School Soccer Coaches Associations

Below is a listing of state high school soccer coaches associations from across the nation who have partnered with the NSCAA to improve their coaching education. The links below go to the respective state association websites. with links to their respective web sites. If you'd like to partner with the NSCAA to be included on this list contact NSCAA Director of Marketing, Shawn Chevreux at schevreux@nscaa.com.

State Association Website
Alabama High School Coaches Association   www.ahssca.com/college.htm
Colorado High School Coaches Association www.colohsca.org
Connecticut Girls Soccer Coaches Association www.cgsca.org
Connecticut Soccer Coaches Association  www.cscasoccer.org/
Delaware Boys High School Soccer Coaches Association  www.eteamz.com/DHSSCA
Idaho High School Soccer Coaches Association  
Illinois High School Soccer Coaches Association www.ihssca.com
Indiana Soccer Coaches Association www.indianasca.com
Kentucky High School Soccer Coaches Association www.kycoaches.org
Louisiana High School Soccer Coaches Association www.lhssca.org
Maryland Association of Coaches of Soccer www.macs-soccer.org
Michigan High School Soccer Coaches Association www.mihisoccer.org
Minnesota State High School Soccer Coaches Association www.mshssca.org
Missouri High School Soccer Coaches Association www.mosoccercoach.com
Nebraska High School Soccer Coaches Association
New Jersey Girls Soccer Coaches Association www.njgsca.org
North Carolina Soccer Coaches Association  www.ncsca.org
Ohio Scholastic Soccer Coaches Association  www.ossca.org
South Carolina High School Soccer Coaches Association www.scsoccer.com
Southern California High School Soccer Coaches Association www.socalsoccer.org
Tennessee Soccer Coaches Association www.thssca.com