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College Awards

The NSCAA administers an extensive awards and recognition program designed to recognize excellence in soccer, academics and service to the game. Coaches and players are recognized across both genders and all divisions.

Eligibility for the NSCAA awards programs at the intercollegiate level is linked to the Membership and College Services programs.  For more information, please visit the awards eligibility page. 


At this time, All-America Nominations and Voting, Scholar All-America and Assistant Coach of the Year, are all managed by logging into your College Services account in MyNSCAA and following the links to My Voting.  All other nominations can be submitted by PDF, below.

Award Name Who Can Nominate Who Can Win Open Date Close Date Vote
All-America - Nominations College Services  College Players DIM-11/3/15; DIW, DII & III-10/27/15 DIM-11/17/15; DIW, DII & III-11/10/15 Login
All-America - Voting College Services  College Players DIM-11/18/15; DIW, DII & III-11/10/15 DIM-11/24/15; DIW, DII & III-11/20/15 Login
Scholar All-America College Services  College Players 10/30/15 11/24/15 Login
Senior College Coach of the Year College Services  College Coaches W-11/11/15; M-11/11/15 W-11/18/15; M-11/18/15 Login
Junior College Coach of the Year College Services  College Coaches 11/23/15 12/1/15 Login
Assistant Coach of the Year College Services College Coaches 10/15/15 11/20/15 Login
Team Academic Award College Services  College Teams 5/13/16 8/29/16


Team Ethics and Sportsmanship Award N/A College Teams 11/1/15 12/1/15 PDF
College Players
Bill Jeffrey Award Members One Member Each Year 10/1/15 10/30/15 PDF

Coach Awards

College coaches working with programs that are current College Services members are eligible for: 

Player Awards

Collegiate players who are nominated by current NSCAA members may receive:

Players whose institutions are enrolled in College Services may receive:

Team Awards

Teams who are enrolled in NSCAA College Services are eligible for: