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Contact the National Office

Mailing Address:
National Soccer Coaches Association of America
30 W. Pershing Rd., Suite 350
Kansas City, MO 64108

Phone: 816-471-1941
Fax: 816-474-7408
Email: info@nscaa.com

Staff Directory

Chief Executive Officer

Lynn Berling-Manuel
Phone: 816-471-1941

Accounting and Finance

Chief Financial Officer
Greg Hubbard
Email: ghubbard@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Mitchell Parkhill
Email: mparkhill@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Coaching Education

Director of Coaching Education
Ian Barker
Email: ibarker@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Director of Education Administration
Allison Pronske
Email: apronske@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Education Program Coordinator
Robyn Lavis
Email: rlavis@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

eLearning Coordinator
David Newbery
Email: dnewbery@nscaa.com

Education Content Coordinator
Vince Ganzberg
Email: vganzberg@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Operations and Events

Director of Operations and Events
Geoff VanDeusen
Email: convention@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Events Services Coordinator
Erika Dyer
Email: edyer@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941 ext. 1023

Operations Coordinator
Andrew Dahir
Email: adahir@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941 ext. 1013


Director of Marketing and Sales
Shawn Chevreux
Email: schevreux@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Creative and Brand Manager
Audrey Kuether
Email: akuether@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Communications Manager
Monique Bowman
Email: mbowman@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Partnership Manager
Ashley Goodrich
Email: agoodrich@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Website and Database Manager
Aaron Weatherford
Email: aweatherford@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Membership and Marketing Manager
Stephanie Stollsteimer
Email: sstollsteimer@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Member Services Coordinator
Dan Cooper
Email: dcooper@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Club Development Coordinator
Andrew McGinnis
Email: amcginnis@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Digital Graphic Designer
Kathleen Hermesch
Email: khermesch@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Graphic Designer
Ashley Brewer
Email: abrewer@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

Marketing Coordinator
Emily Burds
Email: eburds@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941


Awards Manager
Steve Veal
Email: sveal@nscaa.com
Phone: 913-362-1747 Ext. 1003

Collegiate Programs

College Programs Director
Rob Kehoe
Email: rkehoe@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941

College Programs Coordinator
Pat Madden
Email: pmadden@nscaa.com
Phone: 816-471-1941